Helping Parents Choose and Safely Use Baby Carriers

Capital Region Sling Babies is an independent, nonprofit, all volunteer run organization that helps parents choose and safely use baby carriers and slings. We do not sell slings or any type of baby carrier. Instead, we offer a lending library filled with a large variety of carriers/slings that people can check out and try. We also offer many educational materials showing proper techniques that can be borrowed.
Sling Babies holds meetings once a month to help and educate local care givers. Our meetings are held at local libraries and businesses around the Capital Region. We also hold “sling outs” at various places where people can come and wear their babies or just hang out. Check our
calendar to find out about our next meeting.

You can come any time during the scheduled hours, browse the available carriers, talk to a leader about a carrier you already have, or hang out with like minded people. Kids of all ages are welcome.

Should you decide to check out one of our carriers, the rental fee is $10 (cash only) to borrow the carrier until the following month's meeting. After 3 rentals, the fee drops to $7. We also require a deposit check for the value of the carrier that is held until the carrier is returned. You can find the carrier values on our
Inventory page. Detailed lending library policies can be found on our rental agreement.
You can also join the discussion on
Facebook to meet other baby wearers and receive quick answers to your questions regarding baby wearing or carriers. This is also a great place to pose other questions about attachment parenting and green living.
Have you received a carrier that you do not know how to use?
Do you have questions about a certain baby carrier?
Are you looking to meet other parents with like-minded parenting styles?
Then attend our meetings, have some fun and learn more and better ways to keep your baby happy. 

Are you looking to sell a carrier? Visit our chatter page,
Capital District Babywearing Swap.